Who We Are

Circus Records is part of the Circus Family with Circus Electric and DPMO Records. Collectively ruining silence since 2009.

Circus Records is an independent community that lives for fun, melodic, dance-floor bangers. Circus is a cult not a trend, for both its artists and fans. We believe music should be unique and memorable, driven by creativity and talent. Circus Records is all about the bass line hook.


Circus Electric is part of the Circus Family. Circus Electric is a creative community that lives and breathes futuristic bass music. Thought provoking and emotional, Electric is where artists can push boundaries and connect to their audiences in new and unconventional ways. From exhilarating to tearjerking, Electric is all about the feeling.


DPMO is a way of life, a cutting edge community that lives for aggressive bass music. We’re part of a larger army, whether it’s online or picking each other up in the club. It is a physical experience, DPMO is the wildest sound you’ll hear, as long as it’s hard. DPMO begins and ends in the pit.


What We've Done

Circus Records was founded in 2009 by Flux Pavilion, Doctor P and Swan-E to bring their exciting and uncompromising take on bass music to the world. Soon they brought FuntCase, Cookie Monsta, Roksonix and Brown & Gammon on board to aid them in their journey.

Their journey has taken them around the world, to the top of the charts and some of the most famous venues and festival in the world.

Over 10+ years and 500+ releases their hunger to find the best and brightest in the world of bass remains strong.


Circus Records believes in supporting the gaming community. That's why all our music is DMCA free on Twitch so you can stream those bangers to your heart's content 🎮📺👾