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Convexity is the project of Myrtle Beach-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jared “Jae” Tompkins. While their 2021 Timequake EP landed them on the radars of dubstep and jazz fanatics alike, they are in no way a new face. At an early age, they taught themself piano and music theory, and began to produce classic brostep in 2012. When their 2018 track ‘Cosmic Kittens’ with EXZAUST became a surprise hit, thanks in part from YouTube sensation Jordan ‘Captainsparklez’ Maron, they started taking things seriously, and rebooted their project with 2019’s ‘Me and My Shadow EP.’

Tompkin’s current sound is a forward-thinking blend of jazz, funk, vaporwave, and bass music.

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Latest Releases
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