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Mike Sarron - better known by his stage name “SpaceYeti” - is an American EDM producer and DJ, making heavy dubstep tracks with inspiration from old school dance music and sci-fi themes. His unique style has earned him support from artists such as Excision, Xilent, Ace Aura and many more. SpaceYeti started out in 2018, but quickly became known for singles like “Bring It Down”, released with Buygore Records, which became the go-to set opener for Excision in 2019-2020. Since then he has been frequently releasing and getting support from countless top artists in the scene, with his music being played at venues from Tokyo clubs, to the biggest open-air festivals.

Latest Releases
  • CR0644 1000px
  • CR0593 1000px
  • CR0584 1000px
  • CR0576 1000px